September 2, 2009

MCC Statement on Constitutional Convention

LANSING – Michigan Catholic Conference Board of Directors today approved a statement that does not support the call for a constitutional convention in 2010. The statement in its entirety is as follows:

"Michigan’s current constitution is not a perfect document. Amendments are in order, especially in the area of state aid to non-public schools. The financial impact of a constitutional convention on the state budget, however, only presents additional threats to, and concerns for, the state’s social safety net. Michigan Catholic Conference does not support the call for a constitutional convention in 2010."

Michigan Catholic Conference is the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in this state. The Conference’s Board of Directors is comprised of Michigan’s seven (arch) diocesan bishops, five laypersons, one priest and one religious sister.

Constitutional Convention Background: Michigan voters at the November 2010 general election ballot will decide whether or not the state will conduct a constitutional convention in 2011. Article 12, Section 3 of the 1963 Michigan Constitution calls for a vote of the people every 16 years to determine if delegates appointed from each House and Senate district should rewrite the state’s guiding document. Since the adoption of the 1963 state constitution, the question has twice been before voters and each time was defeated, in 1978 and in 1994.

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