September 30, 2009

St. John School is Fit for Learning

By Sharon Pagryzinski / Enrollment Coordinator, Bay Area Catholic Schools

ESSEXVILLE – For the second consecutive year, students and teachers at St. John the Evangelist School continue to begin each morning with walking, stretching, and exercises. Each day from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m., the entire school can be found either outside in the parking lot or inside the spacious gymnasium.

When asked how he feels about morning exercise, second-grader Keegan Kinsella said, "Good, because you get good exercise and [get] your body pumping, so your brain is ready."

Research has shown that starting the day with exercise improves learning for students. Additionally, it appears that physical activity early in life may help protect children from excessive fat gains later. Exercise is a life-long necessity and most children no longer walk to school, so giving the students this daily opportunity is a good way to instill a healthy habit with life changing benefits.

“Anything that can help us feel better with the stresses of the day is well worth the time,” Principal, Sue Grzegorczyk said.

She also observed an added benefit, “It’s always interesting to hear the conversations that take place during the morning walk.”

St. John School will participate in Walk to School Day in Michigan on Wednesday, October 7. St. John is one of four elementary and preschools within the Bay Area Catholic Schools (BACS) system.

BACS continues the Catholic school tradition begun here in the 1850s, providing 3-year-old preschool through 12th grade faith-based, solid academic education. BACS is among Bay County’s top 50 employers and functions as one of the few Catholic school systems in Michigan. In recent years, ithas become a model for schools across the country that are seeking to shift from a parish school structure to a school system concept. BACS is spiritually and financially supported by the 13 Vicariate 4 parishes.

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