November 12, 2010

DoS Priests in Rome with St. Peter

ROME - Five diocesan priests have been on pilgrimage at the banks of the Tiber this week.

The Rev. Richard Bokinski, the Rev. James Carlson, the Rev. Ronald Dombrowski, and the Rev. Richard Jozwiak joined the Rev. Thomas McNamara, who won a trip to the Italian Capital from the Kansas-based Fireside Catholic Publishing as part of its celebration of the “Year of the Priest.”

The pilgrims met up with two of their brother priests from the Diocese of Saginaw - the Rev. José Maria Cabrera and the Rev. Denis Heames, - who have been studying at the Gregorian University since 2009.

Father José Maria shared these two photos above and the note below with the Communications Office after the seven brothers shared some time together:

We had the wonderful opportunity to have a great time together here in Rome. The priests were at Casa Santa Maria (Father Denis and Father José's home) on Sunday for Mass. Father Denis presided at Mass. Then pranzo (lunch). We had dinner to Bishop Cistone's health (Salute!) in a restaurant right in front of the Church of St. Ignatius; this was on Monday. Then on Tuesday, we celebrated Mass at the Clementine Chapel in the crypt of St. Peter's Basilica. In fact, in the picture you can see the back wall behind a grill, that's St. Peter's sarcofagus! It was a powerful experience of prayer and unity. We prayed for all the people of the Diocese of Saginaw. Blessings, Father José Maria

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