November 10, 2010

Presbyteral Council and College of Consultors membership announced

SAGINAW - The Most Rev. Joseph R. Cistone, Bishop of Saginaw, today announced the membership for the Presbyteral Council and College of Consultors for the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw.

"Last year, I reviewed the existing structure of these two bodies," Bishop Cistone wrote in a memo to priests, deacons and pastoral administrators. "In order to ensure that they were formed in accord with Canon Law and that the Presbyteral Council had suitable, elected representation, I promulgated revised bylaws for these two bodies, after consultation with and advisement from the existing Council and College. As a result, new elections for the Presbyteral Council took place during the summer and, subsequently, I appointed new Consultors from among this newly established body."

Bishiop Cistone was installed as the sixth Bishop of Saginaw in July 2009.


The membership of the Presbyteral Council is as follows:

Rev. Thomas J. McNamara, Vicar General (Ex Officio)
Rev. Ronald F. Wagner, Vicar for Priests (Ex Officio)

Rev. Patrick M. Jankowiak, Vicarite 1 (Term ends July, 2012)
Rev. James E. Falsey, Vicarite 2 (Term ends July, 2012)
Rev. Peter J. Gaspeny, Vicarite 3 (Term ends July, 2012)
Rev. Robert S. Gohm, Vicarite 4 (Term ends July, 2013)
Rev. Thomas J. Fleming, Vicarite 5 (Term ends July, 2013)
Rev. James G. Heller, Vicarite 6 (Term ends July, 2014)
Rev. Robert Howe, Vicarite 7 (Term ends July, 2013)
Rev. Charles Hammond, Vicarite 8 (Term ends July, 2014)
Rev. Frederick J. Kawka, Senior Priests (Term ends July, 2014)

Rev. Robert H. Byrne (Term ends July, 2014)
Rev. William J. Rutkowski (Term ends July, 2013)
Rev. Prentice A. Tipton (Term ends July, 2012)

Consultants (Regional Vicars)
Rev. John Cotter, Vicarite 1
Rev. James E. Falsey, Vicarite 2
Rev. Peter J. Gaspeny, Vicarite 3**
Rev. Craig L. Albrecht, Vicarite 4
Rev. Richard Bokinskie, Vicarite 5
Rev. Randy Kelly, Vicarite 6
Rev. Robert Pare, Vicarite 7
Rev. William J. Gruden, Vicarite 8
** Designates Voting Member


The following priests will serve as members of the College of Consultors, effective November 9, 2010, for a period of five years or until a new College is established:

Rev. Robert H. Byrne
Rev. Peter J. Gaspeny
Rev. Frederick J. Kawka
Rev. Thomas J. McNamara
Rev. William J. Rutkowski
Rev. Ronald F. Wagner


Adam said...

A minor quibble, but I believe Vicars and other similar officials are styled "Very Rev." and not just "Rev."

Mathew Treadwell said...

@Adam: Thank you for your observation. That, however, is not the general style used here in the Diocese of Saginaw.