April 27, 2011

DoS Religious sister who worked for John Paul II travels to Rome for beatification, will share updates

(IN TO THE PHOTO: Pope John Paul II and Sister Yvonne Mary Loucks RSM in 1993)

Sister Yvonne Mary Loucks, RSM, left today for a pilgrimage to Rome for the beatification of Servant of God John Paul II on Divine Mercy Sunday, May 1.

“I look back at the years in which I was privileged to work for Pope John Paul as very spiritually formative for me and I will always be grateful for what I learned while working there,” Sister Yvonne Mary said. “I pray that my present work for the Church in my own home town will be enriched by what I learned there and I am grateful that the Lord has sent me to serve His beloved people in the Diocese of Saginaw.”

Sister Yvonne Mary spent 13 years in the Secretary of State office at the Vatican and was responsible for managing correspondence that came to the Holy Father from the United States. She also wrote letters on his behalf. She has an album with several photos of her and both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

During the next week, Sister Yvonne Mary will be sharing information and photos from the beatification right here on the DoS new blog.

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